Metaverse CoreDev Talk Aug 11 2020

Metaverse is a decentralized open platform of smart properties and digital identities, based on public blockchain technology. We want to share an update from our weekly internal developer meeting. The following topics have been discussed.

DNA account integration into MyETPWallet#

MyETPWallet will allow the user to send and receive DNA chain tokens. The wallet will generate a DNA account based on the HD wallet functions and have a “d” character prefix to indicate that it’s a DNA chain account.

Naming compatibility#

The DNA account names and the avatar namespace of the ETP chain should become compatible. The avatar names should be case insensitive and the allowed special characters should also match.

Dual chain consensus synchronization#

We have to combine the consensus mechanisms. No final decision has been made. Multiple options including merged mining have been discussed.

ETP chain server edition#

We will create a new server edition of the Metaverse ETP chain fullnode. For better developer experience this wallet will provide a MySQL database so that Blockchain information like balances, addresses,… can be queried without specific Blockchain knowledge.

Research VM options for smart contracts#

We have discussed VM designs for smart contract support on the ETP chain.

Mining rebalancing discussion (incentive for PoS mining)#

Discussed a proposal to change the hybrid mining configuration towards more PoS mining.

ETP roadmap prioritizations#

The ETP chain roadmap has been created long time ago and should be updated. Focus of the next development steps should be smart contracts as well as digital identity. We want to publish more updates in the future. Please let us know if you like this format. Follow us and keep up with the latest news on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Slack or Telegram!